January 18, 2018
Neutrals have slowly taken over my closet AND I tend to gravitate towards the neutrals when I get ready in the morning. Hence the all brown outfit. I love pairing different shades of one color together. It honestly is the best fall back when you can’t think of anything to wear. I normally try to pick one piece out that I know I want to wear, like shoes or a top, and build off of that.


I’m trying to spend less time overthinking every outfit I wear. Sometimes when you overthink it you lose your own personal style. I’ve caught myself doing this, and decided it was better to literally walk out of my closet, wait 5 minutes, then start again. It’s done wonders for my planning and how long it takes me to get ready in the morning.


In a couple weeks my sister and I will be going to a painting class. It’s one of those wine and paint kinda things. I’m excited for it mainly because the art focus is our dogs! Soon I’ll have a killer painting of Tucker to hang in my home.


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