Been A While

December 20, 2017
 It was a refreshing few months to take a break from blogging. I really felt like I needed it. I tend to be a little to hard on myself and I’m trying harder to not be a perfectionist. I’m definitely my harshest critic. I’m more excited to get back into it because I upgraded to a different lens. 
Not only did I upgrade my photography game, I upgraded my 9-5. I think a lot of the reason I was so stressed was work, it took up a giant chunk of my time and it was absolutely not fulfilling. The new job is fun, creative, and full of positive people.
I’m excited to get back to putting posts together. 
Top / Jacket / Jeans / Boots / Scarf
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  1. Barb says:

    Glad you're happier in your new position! I'm very proud of you! But I have alot of reasons to be. Love, Mom ❤

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