Getting That Beauty Sleep

August 7, 2017
Early mornings and long days really make me appreciate my beauty sleep. Over time I’ve perfected my night time routine, from the downtime period, to the skincare, even to the robe I relax in. It all comes together to not only help me sleep, but also help me feel super refreshed in the morning. I put together a few of my tips, for those wanting to wake up really ready to take on the day.

001. Tech Free
When it comes to downtime I always love to spend at least 10-20 minutes away from technology. This really helps me unwind from the day, considering most of my day is spent on a computer or on my phone. It also is refreshing to not worry about replying to emails or even reading them. I throw on the most comfortable robe and just lounge around.


002. Skin Ritual
Every girl appreciates the moment before bed when all the makeup comes off. It’s so refreshing to just have a bare face, I even spend some days with little to no makeup on. With minimal makeup comes the need for killer skincare. Your skin rejuvenates the most while you sleep so giving it the ingredients it needs to recharge is important. I always use a serum, eye cream, & moisturizer. Don’t be afraid to lather that eye cream and moisturizer on.


003. Beauty Rest
A great night’s sleep also really depends on your bed. Leesa not only makes your night comfortable, they also make it super easy to do. The fact that the mattress ships to you in a slender box blows my mind. It comes equipped with a cooling layer and a memory foam layer, really what more can you ask for? Pair it with some great sheets and you’re set.
Something I really love about this company is that for every 10 mattresses they sell, they donate one. Giving back at its finest.

If you haven’t checked out Leesa I would highly recommend it.
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