Red Number

July 10, 2017
Anthropologie is almost like a museum to me. I could go in and spend hours just looking at everything. The best time to shop is when they have an extra percentage off sale. It may seem overwhelming walking into their sale section, but if you have the time you can find some killer steals. This was one of those finds.
This building is also a great Omaha find. Not only is it a great spot for photos, it’s also a little antique place called McMillan’s Antiques. We’ve been adding pieces slowly to our place, making it a home, and we found some things there. Antique or thrift shopping is something I’ve loved doing since I was in high school, I just finally have a place to put all the oddball pieces together.
Dress | Shoes | Lip (in Ricco w/ Tarte eyeshadow on top)
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