Oh, KC.

April 16, 2017
If you’ve never taken a random middle-of-the-week road trip I highly recommend it. This tired girl needed it. All we did was shop, eat, and explore the best little parts of KC. You could drive down any street and find something to do.
You can’t make a trip to Kansas City and not go to IKEA. Granted the closest one to me happens to be 2 1/2 hours away so I like to make it a stop. It’s almost like shopping at Target, you walk in thinking you might buy one or two things and you leave with 50. You will definitely work up an appetite and you can’t leave IKEA without ordering the Swedish meatballs.
Another stop on our road trip was Doughnut Lounge. I walked in thinking I was going to stick to my routine orders but I actually went off the beaten path. They have donuts, cocktails, and noduts, a real strange mix and it works for them. The whole vibe of the place was amazing, they have movies playing on a big screen and the people are super charming. My one tip: order the bacon jam. You will thank me later. 
I’m already itching for my next road trip.
Where are some of your favorite places in Kansas City?
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