A Series of Needed Layers

February 13, 2017
I finally got around to posting these snow day photos, now that it’s 50 degrees and sunny. Something I love about Iowa, the snows that are beautiful and not cold. Something else I love about the snow is less people venture out, so less traffic and more time to stop and take some gorgeous pictures. It’s been a dream of mine to get good photos during a snow storm that sticks, and I can finally cross that off my blog bucket list. 
The key to staying warm is layering, but taking the time to layer with thought. You can still look cute and stay warm. You don’t have to compromise your style. My advice is invest in some flannels, or even layers to hide underneath the stand out pieces. I also love a good thermal, and you cant forget that coat. It’s taken me a couple years to stop being so stubborn and actually get a warm coat rather than just a cute coat.
Side note, if you haven’t watched A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix you should. I was never a Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings fan. I love this book series when I was a kid and now that they made a series I’m obsessed once again. It’s worth a watch in my book, pun intended.
Shirt | Flannel | Jacket | Jeans | Boots | Hat | Lip (in Bahama)
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