Mom Always Said Drink Your Milk

January 26, 2017
When it comes to peels I’ve tried a few. Different brands, different strengths, different ingredients. When I discovered Dr. Jart’s Micro Milk Peel I knew it was a keeper. It’s gentle enough to use everyday, which most peels aren’t. The ingredients are everything. Coconut milk to sooth. Hydrogen water to pull out impurities. AHA, BHA, and PHA to exfoliate and promote cell turnover. Everything you would need in a peel and safe for sensitive skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for people with excessively dry skin or dry patches, but everyone else will fall in love.  
Like I tell everyone in my daily life, skincare is very important. Find yourself a great skincare routine and you’ll thank me and your skin will thank you.
You can pick this up at Sephora.  

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