Love Street

January 23, 2017
Winter has been rough for me when it comes to getting out and taking photos. Getting a 101 fever for three days really takes a toll on the body. Not to mention it’s been so chilly and we even had an “ice storm”. It felt good to get out in front of the camera again.
This sweater has been on repeat for a few weeks now. It’s so cozy and probably worth getting another one in a different color. I did promise myself that I wouldn’t shop as much until I got my closet under control. That means deep clean and getting rid of unworn items! I’m not even upset about it, that just means I’m making room for new purchases.
I have to give Robert a shout out for buying me my dream shoes. I’ve window shopped every pair of Freebird by Steve Madden shoes, and he surprised me with a pair for Christmas. I’m completely obsessed, with both the shoes and him.
Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Lip (in Cava)
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