Birthday Chills

December 20, 2016
With the weather getting in the low 20’s here in Iowa I tend to take photos sparingly. Of course I had to take some on my birthday, below freezing or not. My birthday always excites me because that just means that Christmas is two weeks away. If you ask anyone, I’ve been trying to give them their gifts early! I have a problem with buying them early and wanting to give them right away. 
All of my Black Friday purchases has been sliding into my mailbox, like these shoes. Oh my gosh, these shoes are something. Yes, I braved the chilly weather because they made this outfit that much better. Robert did a great job with my birthday gift this year, an olive green faux leather jacket that I cannot get enough of.
With only a few days left until Christmas, I hope you all get to see family and friends and enjoy this time. 
Happy Holidays!
Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Belt | Jacket (present from Robert)
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