24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years

December 11, 2016
Ah, the time has come for my birthday post. I think I’m more excited about this year over other years because I’m happy with where I am in life. Everything fits. I thought about this post for a few months now and decided to share a few things I’ve learned over my 24 years on this beautiful earth. Enjoy, and happy birthday to me!
001. Enjoy the little things. I always get excited over the littlest things, it makes life so much more enjoyable.
002. You can never have too many pairs of shoes. I’m sure Robert would beg to differ on this statement, but I like variety.
003. Trying to be someone else is a losing battle.
004. The busier you are the more you accomplish. It’s time consuming, and tiring, but damn does it feel good. I’ve noticed over the last few years that I not only accomplished more, but I also was happier.
005. Not every battle is worth fighting.
006. Time to yourself is a necessity. I love the “me time” I get. It normally involves Netflix and a face mask or two.
007. If you don’t like something, change it. Easier said than done, but when it is done it’s like a weight lifted. I’ve learned to change things I can to be a happier person.
008. Love with your whole heart, and then some.
009. Some things aren’t what they seem.
010. Sitting down and reading a book is good for the soul.
011. Bangs are not always a good idea. Not for me anyways. I think I’ve had a record time of 30 minutes before I hated them each time. 
012. If you haven’t had a puppy, you need one. They change your life, and love you more than they love themselves. Totally worth it.
013. There is only one you, love you. In a world full of comparisons and “standards”, learn to put time into you and what you love about yourself.
014. Go on a road trip or two. Dropping everything and taking a weekend vacation is good for the soul. Even if you can’t go far, a staycation is a must sometimes.
015. Kindness opens more doors than being cruel. Plastering that smile on your face when you really want to scream will be 10 times better, trust me.
016. You should always respect your elders, as long as they respect you.
017. There are people that are wiser than you, learn from them.
018. People come into your life for a reason. A year ago was when I realized this was the truest thing ever. They might be there for a week, a year or a lifetime, but they are around for a reason.
019. Get out of your comfort zone. So hard to do sometimes, but a lot of the best memories I have are ones were I just let loose and didn’t try to control it all.
020. Sometimes you need to just stop, breath, and take a moment to realize that life is great.
021. Take every opportunity you have to be great. Show the world whose boss! You never know where it’ll take you or what doors it will open.
022. Learn to let go of grudges.
023. A good playlist is needed for any occasion. If not a playlist, a really good Pandora station.
024. Keeping in touch is hard, but worth it. I can be the first to admit I’m terrible about this, my brother would completely agree, but I’m working on it!
Cheers to 24 years! Thank you for being a friend and following my journey on this lovely blog!
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