Bell Sleeves

November 22, 2016
The weather is getting down to the 30’s and 40’s around here so you can definitely say winter is here. I always try to look at the bright side to it getting cold, that just means Christmas and my birthday are coming up. This has to be one of the last outfits I wore before it got too cold. Hell, I even took these when it was getting too cold to wear a skirt. Now a lot of my outfits will be accompanied by a coat or something warm.
I cannot wait for this holiday season to get more festive. This week is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to be around friends, family and food!
Sweater | Skirt | Sneakers | Lip (in Bound)
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One response to “Bell Sleeves”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is such a beautiful look, I love it!
    I too am looking forward to the upcoming season <3 I quite like this time of year, even when it gets cold.

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