Super Hair

October 24, 2016

For the longest time I haven’t been happy with my hair. After having it go through the ringer with dying and cutting, I wanted to give it a break. I never knew how much of a comfort blanket my hair was until I chopped it off. 

Searching the vast collection of products is always time consuming. I happily linked up with Hask on BrandBacker and got the chance to try out their SuperFruit line. They really pride themselves on packing their products with nothing but great nutrients for your hair. That being said, my hair felt like literal silk when I got out of the shower. You know a product is good when you can see an impact right away. 

Product Pros:
The scent is fantastic, not too overpowering or strong. 
The whole formula is good for your hair; no parabens, sulfates or additives your hair doesn’t need.
It’s a simple product that will make your wallet happy.
When you put good in to your hair you get good out, like a good diet. I definitely don’t watch what I eat because I love carbs too much, but a good diet for your hair and skin is ideal. So if you’re in the market for some new hair products I would give these a good try.
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