A Little Flare

October 28, 2016
With the crisp air and excuse to layer, I couldn’t be happier. I just love everything about autumn. The whole atmosphere gets a fire under my ass to be more creative, more involved with what I love. My friend Mara and I went and explored at a local nature trail and I loved every minute of it. The view was ahh-mazing and all the colorful surroundings made my heart warm.
This sweater looks so much better on than on the hanger. I almost walked right by it without a second glance. I’ve learned that hangers aren’t always friendly, so try it on! The finishing touch was a handkerchief around one boot. For some reason I tried this one day and now I can’t stop! Its becoming an obsession, and now I have a collection of hankies that will never see a nose.
Sweater | Jeans | Boots | Lip (in Audrey)
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