Refresh Yourself, & Your Skin

September 30, 2016
The one thing that people forget is that skincare is majorly important. With good skincare comes good skin, and good skin means a much more flawless finish for makeup. I will admit I was terrible about my skincare use, but when you find some great brands and gain the knowledge you need it really opens up a world of greatness.
DERMA-E just recently refreshed their packaging and kindly sent me some samples of the new and old. I love change. Change is refreshing. They gave their products a facelift, but their product itself is still amazing. The new packaging feels fresh and simple, it helps project their mission and what they stand for. They have a vast amount of products, perfect for literally everyone and every skin type. I happen to have dry skin so the hydrating line is perfect for me. The line also happens to be all natural and eco-friendly, which happen to be two of my favorites things.
If you’re looking to try out some of these products you can shop them at Ulta, Target, Wholefoods, and CVS just to name a few. I would highly recommend getting yourself some quality skincare, your skin will love you for it.
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