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August 31, 2016
Making these jeans was a hassle, a two day hassle consisting of close to 8 hours and watching Austin Powers Goldmember. They turned out better than I expected and I love them. They add just a touch of flair to any outfit. 
I’ve been waiting to take photos for a few days mainly because of the rain! The weather has been so rainy and gloomy I haven’t gotten a chance to get any photos taken. When I would get ready, it would start storming! That’s the beauty of the Midwest, the weather is different everyday of the week. 
I’m building up my September calendar to get more of a concrete schedule for the blog. Let’s hope the weather and I can compromise and stick to the schedule!
Top | Kimono | Jeans (DIY, similar here) | Shoes | Lip (in Thistle)
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