Tassels & Leather

March 10, 2016
Let me just start off by saying THIS WEATHER IS EVERYTHING. I’m so ready for random road trips and adventures around the good ol’ Midwest! Also, my blog 3 year anniversary was the 3rd of this month! I cannot believe it’s been 3, but there are many more to come for sure.
I’m sure you all know those days when you get a specific piece of clothing stuck in your head and go on a mad hunt for them? That is exactly what happened with these olive pants. Thankfully I found them in the first store I went to and I also found a new love for J. Crew pants. They are super comfortable with just enough stretch to bounce back after wearing and washing them. 
My latest shoe shopping has brought these amazing heels into my life. I love the little things, like the tassel, it adds just enough umph to make them stand out a bit.
Michael Kors tee
J. Crew pants
past JCP faux leather jacket
Steve Madden heels
Quay Australia sunglasses
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