Olive Midi

February 5, 2016
Sometimes, a day just calls for a dress and some kick ass shoes. I normally layer until I can’t move my arms, but I decided to switch it up a bit and go for something a bit more simple. This dress called my name when I was doing some online shopping. The simplicity of it, while still being a touch sexy was what made me want it. These shoes were also a splurge for me, but not money wise. I saw how unique and different they were and I instantly thought “yep, I need these now”. Normally I go for more booties or boots, but these heels were a must have and so comfortable!
Starting school back up reminded me that I haven’t done a DIY or project in a very long time. Having to move twice last year gave me no time or energy to put a project together, and a lot of my supplies were in boxes. Now that I’ve settled and life hasn’t been that hectic I’m going to start back up with them! 
Life has the tendency to bulldoze your idea of what’s going to happen. You may plan something to a T, then life does a 180 and you have to recuperate. One thing I will say is that this 180 I took was a whirlwind, but totally worth it.
Happy Friday! Love you all.
Forever 21 midi dress
Just Fab heels
past Victoria Secret bralette {similar here}
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One response to “Olive Midi”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the outfit.I need to learn how to pack like you.It is very stylish!

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