January 27, 2016
With good music in my ear, I write to you from my nice warm bed on this chilly day. The snow hasn’t been a bother to me, just the wind. Surprisingly it felt almost like spring the day these photos were taken and I couldn’t complain one bit. Being able to walk around without a huge coat on is the type of winter days I live for. I will be sad though when it starts to warm up and layering isn’t necessary.
Now, if you don’t own a pair of riding pants I highly recommend them. I live in them at work and on my off days. They are a great alternative to leggings or jeans when you get bored with other options. I also highly recommend anyone investing in a snakeskin bag. I never saw myself falling in love with snakeskin print, but the moment I laid my eyes on the Brinkley bag I needed it all to myself. Add a puff ball keychain and you’re golden.
Thanks so much for reading!
Target sweater {similar here}
Target moto vest
Michael Kors riding pants {similar here}
Target boots
Michael Kors Brinkley bag
StarGaze necklace
Forever 21 necklace
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0 responses to “Snakeskin”

  1. Love this look, specially the bag! I'm obsessed with snakeskin print, I got myself a pretty little bag from Target that I wear almost every weekend, check how I styled it and let me know if you approve!

    Love from Mexico,
    Lila Sirena

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm obsessed with snakeskin too!

  3. Elise Von E says:

    Such a great look! Love the moto vest!! You are so pretty!

    xx, Elise

  4. You are too sweet! Thanks for stopping by.

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