MacK Been MIA

January 8, 2016
So it’s been a long two months since I posted anything on here. Life really does get the best of you sometimes, and a much needed break from a few things was what I really needed. I feel like 2015 was a rough one for a lot of people, I lost a great friend, moved out of my childhood home, and relationships ended. That is why I’m making 2016 my year of success and adventure.
Now back to reality. One thing I forgot about was how incredibly cold it is taking photos in the snow. I love having all four seasons where I live, but damn its bone-chilling in Iowa! I braved the cold because I’m obsessed with this dress, but that’s what a good pair of tights are for. I normally would have grabbed a black pair, but I wanted a pop of color because why not?! Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to hide your dresses and skirts in the back of your closet.
It feels amazing to be back, I tend to stray from here and I’m holding myself more accountable for my passions and what I really care about. If I learned anything from 2015 it is that I need to stop being so damn hard on myself and just have fun with life, we all deserve it.
Forever 21 shift dress
past Forever 21 jacket
Kohl’s tights
Just Fab booties
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  1. Sorry about your friend. You have had a lot of big changes in 2015. Here's to a great New Year. Pat S

  2. Thank you so much. and you have a great New Year as well!

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