Live In Levi's

October 5, 2015

I recently purchased a few fresh pairs of Levi's and damn am I happy I did. I sadly went through that college kid phase of buying the cheap jeans because they were well, cheap. Something I recommend to anyone I can, if you are going to wear the life out of them, make sure that life is longer than a manicure. Most of those cheap jeans have went to jean heaven, but these bad boys are here to stay. With jeans, the outfit possibilities are endless. My go-to is always going to be a tee and imperfect rolled boyfriends. Pair that with some fantastic booties and my day is set.

October is the month of new beginnings in my life. Lots of plans, moves, and changes coming my way. I've always been the type of person to always look for the positive in every situation and that's all I can possibly do right now with no set life plans. Here is to the beginning of fall and new adventures.


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  1. Those jeans look great on you! I agree--investing in jeans is a good idea. I bought a pair of good-quality raw denim jeans and love how nicely they're holding up!

  2. I LOVE Levi Jeans. They are my go-to :)

    It's hard to believe October is here. But yes, it's definitely a door for new opportunities.

    Tiny darling