The 70’s + 90’s Called…

August 31, 2015
I’m a 90’s kid at heart, but the 70’s have been my go to style this season. Although it started trending again this year, I’m almost certain I found my style decade. It’s been infused into my closet, and has even started to become my backbone pieces that filter throughout outfits. This skirt for instance is one of those pieces. It’s ultra structured and comfortable; just what my closet needed. And since it’s structured so well it will hold up for many more years.
Speaking of comfortable, I happen to be back in my hometown, so taking outfit photos seems a lot easier here. I think it might be because I can find those hidden gems to take photos at {insert crazy colored wall here}.
H&M top
H&M skirt
Rock & Republic flats
past Forever 21 necklaces {loving this, this, & this}
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  1. Love this outfit! Love those shoes too! I saw a pair similar recently and I definitely want a pair

  2. Thank you! And the shoes are my absolute favorite!

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