Summer Casual

August 11, 2015

I stepped into a whole new world when I decided to purchase this tank. Normally I wouldn't go for something so side revealing, but as my style evolves I've noticed I'm testing the waters a bit more. Especially in the summer I find it a daily struggle to not wear layers because I'm a born fall / winter lover (Iowa native shining through). 90 degree weather is not the time for layers whatsoever, so evolving my style is just what I need. It also is a little nicer to my wallet.

Just recently I took a step back and realized I had begun to slack again on my blogging capabilities. The small break I took a while back really put a fire under my bum and now I feel like I really can conquer this slump I put myself in. Positivity is key!

past Zara jeans {similar here}
past Charlotte Russe boots {similar here & here}

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