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August 18, 2015
I’m a sucker for out of the box patterns. Those are the first things I gravitate to when shopping, so when I found these tropical shorts I knew it was love at first sight. I’ve probably worn them more than I should, but they are so summery and comfortable who wouldn’t be drawn to them?! The colors are a bit unique, but pairing them with a good neutral top is just what they needed. And luckily I’ve been buying lots of neutrals lately.
Being an impulsive person might be one of my greatest downfalls when it comes up in certain situations. For instance, I decided to give myself bangs one day because I felt like I would love them. Low and behold I don’t anymore, so I’m coming up with creative ways to hide them until they grow out and look better with my hair length. Braids and bobby pins are my friends! But I will say my hair is growing and I can’t complain about that (thank you biotin).
H&M top
J. Crew shorts {ON SALE!}
past Forever 21 booties {loving these & these}
lip color – mix of Buxom in Nude & NYX in Strawberry Parfait
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