Loving Lately // Fall Preview

August 27, 2015
I’m quite possibly the happiest for fall, besides those people that love pumpkin spice lattes. Nothing against those people, I love me some Starbucks too. Just the thought of how beautiful the outdoors is and all the amazing activities that come with the cooler seasons gets me all excited. I spend most of my nights window shopping the interweb and finding things I really don’t need but really do need. So hey why not turn it into a regular thing and share it with my fellow online night owl shoppers. I always love looking at these on other blogs because it gets me to step out of my comfort zone and look at things I normally wouldn’t find or lust after.
Since I’m a lover of fall and all the color schemes associated with it, finding these beauties was easy. I’ll probably wear some sort of dark shade and a bold lip everyday I can. And lord knows I’m excited to pull out all of my booties that have been crying for attention in my closet. We all know you can’t have enough booties, am I right?!
jacket | romper | jeans | purse | booties | sunglasses | lipstick
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