Wrinkled Faux

July 27, 2015
Some may say a faux leather skirt isn’t ideal for summer, but surprisingly it works well with the heat. Now keeping it wrinkle free is a challenge I need to conquer, but I do like the lived-in feel it gives. I notice I’ve been drawn to neutrals in clothing more than anything during this season and I’m pretty positive it will pour over into the next few seasons to come. I’ve been keeping my clothes neutral and my accessories minimal but loud with color. Summer is definitely not the time to pack on jewelry, even though that is starting to become my life motto. I haven’t purchased jewelry in ages.
I also have to take a minute to speak about these gladiator beauties. Target can do no wrong when it comes to great shoes and I’m happy I snagged these when I had to chance. I vote yes to everyone having them in their closet right this second.
H&M top
Forever 21 skirt
Target sandals
& Apparel sunglasses
Forever 21 bracelet
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0 responses to “Wrinkled Faux”

  1. Devon G says:

    You better believe I'm about to check out those sunglasses for myself!!! I've been looking for a great reflective lens because I feel like it adds so much color!


  2. I absolutely love them! I wear them probably too much!

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