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May 4, 2015
Show me a t-shirt and I more than liking will want to buy it. Of course when I was scouring ASOS I found this beauty and had to purchase. Same with this bomber jacket. I didn’t expect to buy a jacket knowing that summer is coming, but this one happens to be a lightweight fabric and a great print. Botanical prints are one of the trends I personally dove head first into. Some trends take a bit for me to like, but this one was a love at first sight kinda deal.
I’ve been buying more of the basics {like these denim shorts} to build my closet up and now I’m on the lookout for a good denim jacket. I’m surprised I didn’t purchase one earlier, but now I’m on the hunt!
I hope your Monday is amazing!
ASOS tee
ASOS shorts {similar here}
Kohl’s bomber jacket
TJ Maxx sandals
Jane sunglasses
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