Review: Ankit

March 20, 2015

When my everyday life consists of blogging, online schooling, and binge watching Netflix I spend plenty of time on my phone and computer, some may say too much time {hint hint, the husband}. And like a good purse to an outfit, I always personalize and accessorize whatever I can. The more quirky the accessory is the better, and Ankit fits the bill. Before a lovely lady reached out to me, I didn't know about Ankit, but something I did learn was they have products in my favorite stores like Forever 21 & Pacsun. Another reason for me to go shopping!

Their cute little online store has both accessories and home decor. They happily sent me some bacon & egg earbuds {no seriously, delicious breakfast food + literal music to my ears} and a stellar phone case that I haven't taken off my phone. I don't really believe in having more than one case, but I'm pretty sure this one will be easier to spot in my black hole I call a purse. The headphones really come in handy when I need to listen to music while working out, and yes I get those initial looks of confusion, but I sure do love them. They definitely will be hearing a lot of Taylor Swift and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in the next few days until I find my next obsessions.

Overall I love everything about both products I received and even picked out a few of my other favorite products that I think you guys would like and I will probably get for gifts or even for myself. Don't go too overboard guyzzz.

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