Green Hue

March 9, 2015

As I sit in sunny Florida, I look back at these photos and cannot be more excited to be away from the cold weather! And I say that knowing all or most of the snow is gone and it's starting to warm up in good ol' Virginia. It snows and usually melts within the next two days and I can't complain. The days it does get cold my layers come out. I personally love this baseball vest, I throw it on whenever I can and get lots of use out of it. Quite a good investment so far. 

Michael and I hit the road to Orlando for a little 5 day trip to Disney World. Going on little vacas throughout the year keep me sane. I definitely love the idea of going home and being able to lounge around and catch up on my DVR and see my puppy. 
past Forever 21 jacket
Kate Spade purse
J. Crew sunglasses

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