Channeling My Roots

March 23, 2015
Yes you see that right, I’m rocking a bolo tie. I haven’t spotted these in stores in a long time, but looks like they’re making a come back. I remember my grandfather wearing these and even my mother making them. Getting all sentimental and what not. And yes I’m surprisingly wearing three, yes three necklaces. Silver jewelry is majorly growing on me. I’m normally a gold girl, but I’ve always loved a good silver and turquoise piece.
This jacket is my new found favorite. It was buried in the back of my closet, so I dusted it off and threw together a DIY in the process. It fits with my resolution of being more myself. After the new year I realized that I really didn’t shop for myself, I did it more to follow trends and I’ve gotten out of that funk. Hell I bought a pair of green pants with diamonds on them the other day and I know for a fact many many people wouldn’t like them, but I sure will be wearing them to death.
Hopefully your Monday is as a good as a Monday can be!
Forever 21 tee
DIY jacket {coming soon}
past Zara jeans
Forever 21 booties
Forever 21 necklaces 1 & 2
J. Crew sunglasses
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