Man Buns & Boyfriend Jeans

February 26, 2015
I’ve been a wee bit absent over the last week or so. My girlfriends and I took a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and I’ve had a crazy time catching up on life. But I’m back and excited for this next month! There will be lots of traveling and seeing family and hopefully some good weather. 
Speaking of weather, I personally love winter and autumn because of the layering. I love wearing layers and staying warm so I don’t know what I’ll do when summer comes around. Right, I’m probably the only person complaining about losing this chilly weather. Something I’ve found to be pretty great in this cold weather is to layer some fun tights under distressed jeans. Not only does it add some warmth, but also some pizzazz to any outfit. Also! This is my first attempt at the man bun and it’s growing on me, but now that I chopped my hair again it’ll be harder to do. I slowly chop my hair and slowly lose that lovely blondish color and I cannot wait for it to be gone. Knowing me I’ll probably want to dye it after its back to my naturally but I’ll try and hold out. 
J. Crew Factory sweater
MNG by Mango button up
past AE boyfriend jeans {need these}
Kohl’s booties
Kate Spade purse
*man bun optional

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