Semi Winter Wonderland

January 14, 2015
Spending a week and a half back home was quite amazing. I got to see all my lovely friends and family and got to spend some time in the chilly winter snow we don’t have in Virginia. Of course I would take the opportunity to utilize the cold and bundle up for some outfit photos. I don’t know if we will get snow, and I’m kind of hoping we do. Crazy, right?! Knowing I was going to a place with snow I ordered these boots, which worked perfectly. I love that they fold down and lace all the way up, like two different pairs of shoes!
Now that I’m back home I have loads of shows on my DVR to catch up on because most of my favorites are back. TV is definitely my guilty pleasure. I could sit at home all day and binge watch shows until my eyeballs fall out {hopefully not soon}. American Horror Story & PLL came back on and my life is nearly complete again. 
AE sweater
H&M jeans
Old Navy coat
Macy’s boots
Target scarf
AE pom beanie {similar here}
Kohl’s boot socks
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0 responses to “Semi Winter Wonderland”

  1. Hi Mackenzie!

    I saw this up on Style Gawker, and just had to click through. I love this look!

    I'd love to visit Virginia too (though I'm not sure I could handle the chilly weather – I'm from Australia, and it never snows here!)

    Love your site! Keep up the great work!

    xx Hannah

  2. Hi Hannah!

    Thanks for stopping by! Virginia is fun especially in the Summer!

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