DIY Multiband Gemstone Ring

December 24, 2014

The end of 2014 is near and I'm sure everyone is searching for the perfect outfit for all those fancy parties. I for one love looking for the perfect jewelry as well, but sometimes it's more fun to make it! Simple pieces of jewelry have been my go-to, so I whipped up this incredibly simple gemstone tutorial. Make a few and stack these babies up!

What you need:
Small gemstone with two openings
Two pieces of wire
Jewelry pliers
E6000 glue

1. Put the two pieces of wire through the gemstone openings and wrap them around a round object about the size of your finger.

2. Cut the wire and curl the ends for a finished look.

3. Find the center of the ring where the gemstone will be, apply a touch of glue and move the gemstone back to the center to dry.


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Happy crafting!