DIY Lipstick Art

December 10, 2014
This week I’m channeling that inner diva with a great wall art DIY featuring my new favorite accessory… lipstick! Over the years I have gathered quite a collection of lipstick and now I have a great reason to put every color on in one day!
What you need:
– White cardstock
– Loads of lipsticks in different shades
– Alphabet stickers or sticky paper to print letter on
– Scissors
1. After deciding what quote or saying you want to use, position the sticky letters on the cardstock. I didn’t have scrapbook stickers so I used a piece of my shipping label paper to print off and cut out my letters. It happened to be very time consuming, but I liked the lettering.
2. Now the fun part. Tape your cardstock to a flat surface, apply lipstick and kiss the paper around the letters. Make sure to cover any whitespace around the letters so they come out good when you remove the stickers.
3. Remove the letters carefully, making sure to not smear the lipstick into the letters.
Put it in a fun frame and add it to your mounting collection of wall art.
If you’re looking for more DIY projects to do check out my DIY Archive page for more.
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