Blogger Bloopers

December 29, 2014
I hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas!

We bloggers all have those awesome blooper photos that normally wouldn’t even see the light of day. Mine go in a deep dark folder to never look at again, but I decided since it was the end of another year blogging I would find the absolute worst ones and share them with you!

My husband Michael takes my photos, and he does a great job at it for having no real photography classes or background, just a picky wife telling him what she wants. Most days I get home with over a hundred photos of one outfit, and that’s because he loves to mess with me and take some terrible photos. I love him, and he is a pain, but without him I wouldn’t have all these lovely photos to share with you.
And now we commence the 1st Annual Blogger Blunder Purge. 
Raw, unedited and full of attitude.
Wind Is Not Your Friend
Tucker Takeover
Eyes Wide Closed
Let’s Not Take This Seriously
Those “Seriously” Photos

I definitely saved the best for last.
Here’s to another year of sad, horrible photos!

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  1. Jodi H says:

    Those aren't so bad, I think I've got some pretty bad ones.
    xx, Jodi

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