DIY Skirt Wall Art

November 6, 2014
I’ve always been one to love a wall full of artwork, some I purchased and others I made. I wanted a cute fashion piece that I personally made and I came up with this darling diy. A lot of the supplies are probably already lying around your house like they were around mine. A girl can never have too much sequins or art. So round up those supplies and create away!
What you need:
White card stock cut to the size of the frame
Tissue paper
A paper clip
E6000 glue
1. First you want to create the skirt. Take the tissue paper and cut a strip about 5 inches by 15 inches. The first length will be the length of the skirt. Create a diagonal edge and then create pleats. This is all up to you how you want your skirt to look. Once you get to the edge, create another diagonal edge to hide the rough edges.
This is what you should have after folding the pleats.
2. Fold down the top to create a smooth line. 
Optional: use your scissors to cut a scalloped edge.
3. Make the hanger from the paperclip. Follow the steps in the photo to create the tiny hanger.
4. Glue the skirt and the hanger onto the card stock.
5. Using another paperclip, I applied dabs of glue to the sequins and start creating the waistline.
6. Make two rows of sequins for the waistline.
7. Let the glue dry. Put the skirt art in a frame with or without the glass. I preferred without so it wasn’t flattened.
Add it to your collection of art on your wall and you’re done!
Thanks so much for reading! And happy crafting!
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