Blanket Scarf

November 24, 2014
I think around this time the plaid blanket scarf is always a must. I’m sure you’ve seen many people wearing these lovely scarfs and I cannot help but love the colors and how large it is. I’ll probably over wear it this Autumn and Winter but that’s ok right?! These booties have been on my feet since I purchased them. I think that I’m going to be wearing booties whenever I can because I prefer them over anything else. Pair them with some fun socks and I’m good to go for Winter.
Currently I’m sitting in a hotel in the Big Apple, and I cannot wait to see the sights. This is my first time in New York City and I’m quite excited to see everything, not to mention take some amazing outfit photos. I’m sure I’ll share all of my photos I take with you all because I’ve never done that and it seems fun!
Sonoma slubbed sweater
Urban Outfitters jacket {old, loving this}
Levi’s jeans
Target blanket scarf
Simply Vera booties
Michael Kors purse
Target earrings
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0 responses to “Blanket Scarf”

  1. NYC is so lovely! I want to go back sooooo bad! I need to see when my aunt will let me come visit!

    Your blanket scarf and Micheal Kors purse have me drooling! I want one of both for myself!

    I came over from Oak & Oats linkup by the way! I always like to know where people found me. 🙂

  2. Rhea D says:

    love this! a blanket scarf is one of my must-buys this weekend! 🙂

    rhea @

  3. Oak & Oats says:

    Love your blanket scarf! This is such a wonderful outfit!

  4. Ruya says:

    love the outfit, looks perfect for fall! and have fun in NY!


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