DIY Chain Tassel Earrings

October 27, 2014
Monday morning blues definitely calls for a DIY.
Those basic earrings of yours are about to get an upgrade. Here’s a simple DIY that will add some pizazz to a pair of studs. Not only is this project inexpensive, it can really pull an outfit together.
What you need:
A basic pair of earrings
Jump rings
E6000 glue

How to:
1. Attach different lengths of chain to the jump ring. To separate the chain i just used scissors and cut where I wanted the different lengths. I did a cascading 5 strand look with the longest in the middle. This really is up to you, make it your own!
2. Slide the jump ring with the chains onto the earring post.
3. Apply glue to the back of the earring. Let dry overnight.
Ta da! I’ve worn these a few times, and there is still enough room to put them on my ears securely with the jump ring attached.
Thanks so much for reading!
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