DIY Remake: ABM Geometric Art

August 13, 2014
I love reading A Beautiful Mess, they definitely are an inspiration for me when it comes to blogging and how creative they are. I spotted some amazing artwork they had created and I wanted to make it, just smaller! I even created a guide to help out you guys when you decide to make it also!
photo credit – ABM
The most tedious part was getting the shapes right. Mine is definitely not perfect, but I love the unique qualities of it! I made a layout to help you guys out. I also only bought 4 different colors of paint and white paint to create the ombre colors.
You can download this here!
The layout is with three 12 X 24 canvas’. If you get different sizes then the measurements will be off. I’m sure you could just downsize the measurements and it will work! If you have any questions fill free to ask me! The printable helps with placing the triangles on the canvas. The “inches from edge” labels are for the ends of the triangles.
Thanks so much for reading and I hope you create some amazing art! I think I might make some smaller pieces with different colors!

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