Ebay Finds: iPhone Clutch

June 11, 2014
I’ve really been meaning to blog, but I had family come in town and really put my blog on the back burner. I now have lots of time to sit around and blog now that everyone has left so I’m back on my blogging grind! I recently purchased this amazing clutch from eBay. I’m pretty picky about purchasing on eBay and that’s just because I don’t do it often. I came across this and loved it! Not to mention the price is pretty spectacular. They have multiple colors and I love the pop of color on the inside. It’s an easy clutch to use when I run to the grocery store or out for a girls night!
Another feature I love is there is a section to put my phone and even an opening to plug in my headphones or even charge it without taking it out of the clutch. I have an iPhone 4S and it has lots of room in the pocket, so it should fit the iPhone 5 and even the Samsung Galaxy S5.
I’m sure I’ll be checking eBay out a little more because of these amazing finds, add them to my list of online shopping stores! Like I need any more!

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