5 Minute Heatless Waves

June 28, 2014
I was on a mad search to find a good style without having to touch my straightener or curling iron, and I finally found a keeper. I’ve had a problem with damaged hair ever since I got a perm a long time ago {don’t ask}. My hair has had it’s ups and downs and I’m trying to not only get it back to a healthy state, but also grow it out. So here’s the tutorial for all you lovelies out there wanting a faster, less damaging everyday hairstyle. Enjoy!
Grab your supplies, you’ll need
A water bottle, spray gel, sponge curlers, and hairspray.
{All purchased at Ulta}
A recent favorite of mine is the DevaCurl spray gel. It smells amazing and works incredibly well. It also doesn’t leave a crunchy feel to my hair so it’s a win win!
Start out with freshly washed hair. I usually wash my hair at night and let it dry overnight. 
First you want to section off about an inch or two of hair. Overall I do 6 different sections, 2 front, 2 back and 2 for framing my face. Dampen your hair with water and spritz a little spray gel for extra hold. Make sure to not dampen it too much or your hair won’t dry fast.
Using sponge rollers, begin wrapping your hair. make sure to wrap the section flat so you get waves instead of curls. Twisting the hair before wrapping will make the curls more spiral like.
Finish wrapping the rest of your hair. 
Now let those curlers work their magic. I normally do my makeup while I wait, but 
I figured I would catch up on some much needed magazine time.
Unroll the curlers, apply your favorite hairspray and it’s all done!
Quite possibly the easiest hairstyle I’ve done in a while, and all without any heat tools. My hair will be loving me by the end of the Summer!
Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. Hello!! I too have super damaged hair from being a fake blonde for waay too long. I've also been very bad to my hair with daily blow dries and curling. I thought this looked like a great way to step back from all the heat tools I use on the daily, and holy mother. Can I e-hug you right now? This is fricken genius! Those foam rollers cost me like $6 at the local beauty supply shop, and now I KNOW I wont be using my curling iron much this summer. I love the final result (although today I was rushed and couldn't let them dry far enough so they're a bit more beachy than originally intended!) But again, thank you soo, soooooo much for the post!!

  2. This seriously made my day! I am so happy that its working for you like it does me! I haven't used heat on my hair in a month now and I've noticed an inch growth and wayyyy healthier hair! 🙂

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