Spring Maxi

April 7, 2014
The weather is finally looking up, it actually is nice for longer than a day and I’m loving it. I’ve been trying to branch out and this Spring and Summer I want to try to wear more skirts. I always want to purchase them so I got on H&M and got this beauty. I’ve noticed that I look for maxi skirts a lot, but they always have the sheer fabric and the skirt actually stops at the knee. This skirt is a strange length, it hits me right at the ankles, so I’ll have to mess around a bit to figure out how I would wear it.
Exciting news to share! I start my new job on Tuesday, which I am incredibly excited about. I got a wonderful job working at Loft, so expect to see some new things on here and lots of Loft clothing!
top – Banana Republic
skirt – H&M
shoes – Minnetonka
belt – H&M
purse – Michael Kors
Thank you so much for reading!

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