Every Woman is a Rebel

March 24, 2014
Sometimes when I walk into Forever 21 I get incredibly overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start. That’s why I like at least a little time to browse. I know I can’t walk in to that store with only 5 minutes to shop and find something I love. I’m sure a few of you can vouch for that. I found this beaut at the very back of the store, of course. I believe that every woman is a rebel in her own way, that’s why I loved this top. I haven’t even mentioned these leggings! I love them, they’re different and fun and a great addition to my wardrobe. Not to mention they are super comfortable.
top – Forever 21
leggings – H&M
boots – Sears {old}
purse – JCP {old}

Thanks as always for reading!

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