DIY Pressed Flower Art

March 21, 2014
Another DIY for my loves!
Little known fact about me, I kill flowers. Someone will buy me some and they will wilt instantly, so I have grown to love fake flowers. Today’s DIY is my pressed flower art. I liked the idea of framing some pressed flowers, I have my wedding bouquet framed. So I thought I would show you a DIY to spruce up your walls!
What you need:
Fake flowers
Base for your artwork, same size as the frame. I used poster board.
Hot glue gun
Brown colored pencil
First you want to take apart the flowers, you will only need the petal part. I found it to be a little easier to finish if the plastic bud isn’t attached.
Decide what you want to create. I went with a flower bouquet, but you can do an initial, a shape, or anything really! Once you decide what you are making, start gluing!
Here is what mine started to look like, I added more flower in the end.
Once you have all of the flowers glued down, draw the stems to the bouquet.
For an added touch I created a bow with the twine and glued it on.
And you’re done! You really have free range to create anything you would like!
I hope you guys liked this DIY! 

2 responses to “DIY Pressed Flower Art”

  1. Jo says:

    this looks awesome! would they look much different with time?

  2. I don't believe so. Maybe after the lights hit it awhile, but that happens to everything without archival glass!

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