DIY: Monogram Wall Hanger

February 26, 2014
I’ve been M.I.A, I’ve realized, and my 1 year anniversary for my blog is coming up soon! I cannot be more excited to hit a mile stone. I recently was walking around Michael’s Arts & Crafts {shocker.} and found some awesome new pieces from their spring items. I really wanted to make something with them so I came up with this super simple DIY. I’m, of course, obsessed with monograms and initials, its who you are and all. So I made this adorable monogram wall hanger. Here’s how!
What you need:
Your initials, or whatever you want it to spell out. {purchased at Michael’s}
Those awesome cut out bases {also purchased at Michael’s}
Washi tape
Glue gun
Cover the letters with the washi tape, I found these awesome patterns at Michael’s in packs of two.
Position and hot glue the letters onto the cut out bases.
I chose two different bases, one for the M’s and one for the &.
Use the twine to connect the bases together.
Easy as that. Hang it on your wall, door or anywhere you please!
I love how it turned out, and it’s going to fit right in to my eclectic living room design.
I hope you enjoyed this, and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ for more DIY’s!

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  1. Tracy Faye says:

    Love this! How much did all the supplies cost you?

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