Windy Days

January 19, 2014
I’ve slowly started to realize that I pull more towards dark colors and even black more recently. So whenever I go out shopping I always am drawn to either black or a color close to it. It has taken over my closet! I normally don’t purchase so much black but it’s becoming an everyday item in my wardrobe. Today’s outfit definitely doesn’t lack in dark colors.
I spotted these shiny ankle boots in Forever 21 one day and I had to get them, they are so different and I needed a good pair of black boots to add to my ever growing collection of shoes. I’ve always been an impulsive person when it comes to clothing, when I see something I love I have to purchase it, like those spectacular earrings I got from Francesca’s. I loved them and they were only $5!
top – H&M
jacket – Urban Outfitters
jeans – H&M
boots – Forever 21
earrings – Francescas, LC Lauren Conrad
purse – H&M
It also has become a New Years Resolution of mine to stop slacking on here and keep a steady schedule of posts! I know I had kept saying that but I promise I’m going to be bringing some awesome things this year! College starts soon again for me so I will have some fun things to share and show you gals!

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  1. Kalie says:

    Black is something I wish I owned more of. It's a staple color, but I always feel myself drawn toward fun pieces while shopping. But then I have nothing to pair my neat pieces with. Ahh, well. Lovely outfit!


    Kalie H.

  2. I totally agree. I started purchasing more black and had more options to pair my fun jewelry and clothing with. I love it!

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