DIY: Dainty Jewelry Tray

January 25, 2014
Every night when I go to bed I end up forgetting to take my jewelry off, so sadly I’ve been using an old paper clip tray to keep them all together {I know, random}. I wanted to make something that was both big enough and adorable and I came up with this awesome DIY. It’s super easy and pretty fun to make. This is my first project using these gilding sheets and I love them! I will be finding more DIY’s to use them with in the future!

What you need:
Alphabet stickers, any design
Terra cotta saucer
Gilding sheets {purchased at Michael’s}
Gilding adhesive
Mod Podge

Decide what you want your jewelry tray to say, I went with dainty because I just love the word. I ended up cutting out my own heart for the i.

Apply a layer of the gilding adhesive, it dries clear and you only need a thin layer.

Apply the gilding sheet. This part is kind of tricky. Once the gilding sheet sticks, its stuck. I ended up having to pull the wax sheet off and use the excess around the edges to fill in some spaces.

I ended up with this, a lot of flaky pieces but that’s ok!

Take a brush and lightly brush off the excess gilding.

Carefully peel off the stickers. I took my time on this because I didn’t want to mess the whole thing up.

Apply a layer of Mod Podge to seal the gilding, let it dry, and you’re done!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this DIY.

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