Fall Is Here, Where Have You Been?

September 6, 2013
Oh my gosh! I have not taken any outfit photos in a very long time and I apologize for that! I recently got a new job and that has been taking up a ton of my time, and school just started today so I figured today would be a good day for an outfit! Fall is here for me, I don’t care if its still warm, I just really wanted to break out my boots and comfy sweaters and everything Fall! These boots are my all time favorite in my closet. They are the ones I gravitate to the most and probably will get the most use by far! I love the color of them because they work well with both black and brown items in my closet. Are you guys ready for Fall? I sure am. And yes I have a Valencia Orange Refresher from Starbucks because I love them!
top – Kohls
jeans – Forever 21
boots – Payless
purse – Michael Kors
necklace – Forever 21

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  1. andrewhudson says:

    It is a nice looking fall apparel. I like that..CornerStone CS412 is just perfect.

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