Born To Be Bad

August 15, 2013
It was perfect out, literally perfect. I could drive around town with the windows down without having to keep the AC on, which I love. My morning may not have been the greatest, waking up at 4 am to incredibly horrid stomach pains, but my afternoon made up for it with a trip to Target, Ulta, and of course Starbucks {got to get my Valencia Orange Refresher fix!}
I was super bummed looking back on the photos I had taken because almost all of them were blurry, still trying to get used to this solo photo taking! Bare with me please and thank you. 🙂
I thought today’s outfit would mainly consist of Forever 21 since I went shopping and realized they have so many great deals right now! If you don’t get the emails or haven’t been to the store recently they are having a HUGE Sale! Everything that was previously on sale is an extra 50% off, which is how I got this awesome shirt for $6! I love a good bargain. Not to mention they have a campaign running where select items are discounted, but these products are newer to the store. I told myself I would stay away from Forever 21 but I can’t help it!
I hope you guys have an amazing week, and thank you again for your support and following! It means the world to me.
top – Forever 21
jeans – Forever 21
shoes – Urban Outfitters old {love & love}
purse – Michael Kors
earrings – Charlotte Russe
bracelet – Charlotte Russe
Thought I’d include a lovely blurry one, can’t decide if I love it or hate it.
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