DIY Disaster Fix: Maxi Dress

July 17, 2013
Recently I was trying to make my own crop top and I cut it way too short! So I decided I was going to make a maxi dress incorporating the crop top, and also a dress I had purchased, but didn’t like the top of. Here is how I made this adorable maxi dress!
Both pieces were horrible, as you can see.
1. Cut the dress the length you want the skirt to be. I tried it on and marked it with a Sharpie. I cut it slightly higher so I could have a longer skirt because the dress was a little too short to begin with.
2. Turn both pieces inside out. Start to pin the pieces together, right sides together.
4. Flip the dress right side out to double check that everything is good and even.
5. Sew a single stitch all the way around.
This is how the dress looks after finishing the sewing.
I absolutely love how this dress turned out, and I finally found a way to use some disaster pieces!

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