DIY: Wrap Headband

June 3, 2013
I have been loving these headbands recently and wanted to make a DIY! Here is how I turn a pair of tights into this adorable headband!
What you need:
1. Unroll or flatten your tights. I like to use fresh out of the package tights because they are easy to cut, but old ones are perfect too!
2. Cut the legs off of the tights.
3. Fold the two pieces in half, and create a cross with them.
4. Fold the two pieces in half, making sure they are connected.
5. Pull each end and you will end up with this.
6. Sew together each end where the top meets the toes on each section. Make sure to not sew the wrong pieces together!
7. Attach a button to one side, and cut a slit in the other side.
OPTIONAL: Sew inside the slit to keep the pieces together.
8. Then you are done!
This headband is super comfortable and perfect to wear when you have a messy bun or bed head!
For a video tutorial check out my YouTube!

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4 responses to “DIY: Wrap Headband”

  1. I like this! So simple! 🙂

  2. Mandy Ford says:

    Love this! Found you on craftgawker and will definitely be trying it!

  3. śliczna chętnie się też w taką zaopatrzę 🙂

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